Warren Kuo – Guitar , Composition

Guitar instructor Warren Kuo’s bio: Warren has been classical trained to play violin since 6. When heard Deep Purple’s Highway Star, he began playing blues, rock and metal guitar. During the thriving of Taipei’s Pop and Rock music scene in the 90’s, Warren played lead guitar with 齊秦,趙傳,張雨生。He contributed in producing the first Chinese super rock band 唐朝 and 超載。Warren is a top commercial director and educator at universities. His teaching method evolves with student’s talent, needs and ambitions. With his breadth of knowledge on the evolution of modern music, Jazz, electronic and blues, he can guide young musicians to find and develop his/her unique voice through a grander picture as a musician. He is now teaching in C&L Music.

Peter Lo – Guitar

Kevan Smedt – Guitar




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