Lesson Policies

All students will be given a registration card to provide us with personal information, music interests, level of ability, and time available.


  • Students are reminded to practice at least one half-hour per day to get the most out of their lessons.
  • It is the student’s responsibility to bring all required lesson materials to their lessons. This includes instruments (if applicable), books, music, etc.


  • Students should arrive 5 minutes early to their lessons for preparation. Students arriving late will receive instruction only for the remainder of their allotted time.
  • Parents of younger students should be present at the end of their child’s lesson since it is impossible for the teacher to watch them. Back-to-back lessons are common.


  • It is recommended that lessons be paid for monthly to insure available lesson time.
  • Payments for lessons will be made payable to the instructor.


  • The instructor will be notified at least one day in advance regarding any canceled lesson.
  • The student will be charged the full amount for any cancellation without proper notification.
  • The instructor will provide their personal phone numbers so they can be appraised of cancellations.
  • The store staff will gladly take messages in the event an instructor cannot be reached.
  • Also, the teaching and store staff understand that there are sometimes circumstances that fall outside the normal guidelines of the cancellation policy. These instances will be addressed on a case-by-case basis.

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