Beginning Guitar Lessons This Summer!

In a fun-relaxing environment, these lessons introduce students to playing the
guitar. Students will learn about the important parts of the guitar,
strings, and guitar technique. They will also be introduced to tablature,
and basic concepts of rhythm and music theory. In addition, students will learn
basic chords, allowing them to play their favorite songs on the guitar
eventually. Consistent practice is encouraged to accomplish best results.

Lessons content:
– Parts of the guitar
– Name of the guitar strings
– Proper position when holding the guitar
– Tuning the guitar
– Introduction to tablature
– Introduction to basic chords on the guitar
– Introduction to guitar technique and fingering
– Introduction to changing chords keeping time
– Introduction to basic strumming patterns (using a guitar pick)
– Introduction to songs featuring the chords learned

Ages: Youth (ages: 6-11) Teen (ages: 12-18) Adult (19+)
Group size: 2 to 3 students.
Student individual fee: $18 for 30min group lesson/ $20 for 45min group lesson.

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